01. Sliding Gate

A sliding gate is a cliché option in the list but it is the one which is trending globally. Just as the name implies, a sliding gate works on the mechanism of moving swiftly as one moves it. Unlike a conventional gate which needs to be opened from the middle, you have to slide the gate to open it. The new age sliding gates are so delicate in design and light in weight; one can easily slide them to open.

02. Turnstile Gate

Have you ever seen those tiny gates when you enter a subway or a discreet public place which allow only one person at a time to enter? Such gates are called turnstile gates. Earlier such gates were only used near metros and railway stations, but due to their several benefits, even large organizations have started to incorporate them in the workspace.

03. Vertical Pivot Gate

Have you ever seen those gates that open up in the air for somebody to pass through? Those gates are acknowledged as a vertical pivot gate and are used in many properties these days. The biggest benefit with vertical pivotal gates is that one doesn’t need an extra space to open them. You incorporate them easily, and they will automatically open once the sensors sense a vehicle coming near.

04. Swing Gate

If you want an aesthetic appeal for your property, a swing gate is an ideal choice. Furthermore, in this day and age, swing gates look very beautiful in the designs they come in. Earlier, the traditional look used to be similar for all the gates, but now it is easy to get tailor-made solutions. If your office/home is located inside the factory, you must go for a swing gate.

05. Retractable Security Gate

Such gates are very helpful in places where there is less space for its operation. So, if you are already going through space crunch, a retractable security gate is going to be a very good option. Interestingly you can fold the retractable panels of these gates and even store them. Such gates are less costly but provide good security to the place where they have been incorporated.

06. Automatic Gate

An electric gate is used in many buildings these days. With much advancement in technology, organizations are looking forward to cutting down the costs of employing people at the front door and are instead relying on technology to do the work. Automatic gates usually issue a gate pass to somebody who’s entering for the first time and note down the details of the vehicles. Such gates are very expensive but once installed, can easily curtail workforce which is needed otherwise.

Lastly, you need to have a perspective on the budget that you want to invest wisely. Choosing a suitable gate and incorporating it means you will have to spend adequate amounts of money, time, and energy. All the different types of gates mentioned above have different properties and benefits. You cannot incorporate any one of them just because they look fancy.



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