Here are a few tips to help you keep mud out of your house when the next storm passes through.

1. Designate just one or two entrances for muddy feet and paws.

The first step in keeping mud out of your house during wet weather is to limit the number of places where it can be tracked inside.

2. Use your mud room, or create one.

The whole purpose of this room is to provide a space between the oh-so-dirty outside world and the indoor living spaces in your home.

3. Use a mat-and-rug system at every entrance.

A large mat that is difficult to avoid is best, but you can also use multiple mats if you are not able to find one large enough to suit this purpose.

4. Teach your dogs and children to stay on the rugs.

Once you have your mat-and-rug system in place, the next step is to teach your children and dogs to stop on the rug and stay there until you have had time to remove muddy shoes or wipe muddy paws.

5. Keep muddy shoes off of your floors.

This helps to keep mud outside when it’s raining, but even when the sun is out, this helps keep dirt, pesticides and other unsavory elements from being tracked into your home.

6. Keep towels by the door.

If it is muddy paws you are dealing with, you will also want to make it a habit to keep your dogs outside or in the mud room or garage until they do their inevitable shake to get some of that water and mud off of their coats.

7. Invest in drying options for clothes and shoes.

While these are usually used to dry clean clothes after they come out of the washer, they can also be used for wet clothes and towels that are waiting for their turn in the washer.

8. Cover your porches and patios.

For practical purposes during the rainy season, a covered porch or patio is the perfect place to take off muddy shoes and wet clothes before entering the house.

9. Install gutters near doorways.

Gutters are a simple solution that makes your entryways more inviting and helps keep your family members and guests a bit dryer.

10. Install good ground covers.

Good ground covers make your outdoor entertaining areas more functional, more inviting and easier to use for more of the year.



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